Register description
Date of register creation:
February 17, 2012

Name: Kiinteistö Oy Koutalaki 1
Contact information: Sinikalliontie 14 B, 02630 Espoo

Person in charge of registering:
name: Sales service of
tel.: +358 (0)16 3363 133

Name of register:
Marketing register of Koutalaki Ski Village

The purpose of using personal information (purpose of use of the register):
If they wish to, people participating in the competition and joining the marketing register may agree to receiving customer and marketing information from Koutalaki Ski Village and its partners.

Regular sources of information:
Information provided by the registered people will be saved in the register. In addition, information created during service or maintenance may be included in the register.

Regular data surrender and transfer of information outside the EU or the European Economic Area:
The registrar may surrender information to authorities as permitted and required by effective law. No information will be transferred outside Finland. The registrar may publish personal information the user has given their consent to electronically or otherwise.

The principles of register protection:
The register is maintained as a technical record. The information system is fully protected and the register is only used by employees whose job description covers the register.

Right of inspection:
According to 26 § of the Personal Data Act, the registered person has the right to inspect the information concerning them entered into the register. The request for inspection must be delivered signed and in writing to the person in charge of registering (contact information stated under “Registrar” and “Person in charge of registering”).

Other potential rights:
The registered person has the right to modify the information they have provided, as well as the right to ask their information to be removed from the register altogether. In addition, the registered person can always use the rights guaranteed in the Personal Data Act.